What printing services do we offer?

At Lithemba Litho and Digital, we offer a wide variety of printing services and finishes.


Sheet Fed Litho

Sheet-fed lithography, often referred to as sheet-fed offset printing, is a printing process used to produce high-quality printed materials. Lithography is a method of printing originally based on the immiscibility of oil and water.


Sheet Fed Digital

Sheet-fed digital a type of digital printing technology where individual sheets of paper are fed into a digital printing press. It is commonly used for short-run printing jobs, variable data printing, and on-demand printing.


Large Format

Large format printing is the process of printing documents and images that are larger than standard sizes. Large format printing typically involves printing on sheets of paper or other materials that exceed the dimensions of standard printing paper, such as A4 or letter-sized sheets.



Posters are visual representations or printed materials that typically combine text and images to convey information, promote an event, advertise a product, or convey a message.


Shelf Pricing & Tags

Shelf pricing and tags typically refer to the labeling and pricing of products on store shelves. When a retailer sets up a display of products on shelves, they use shelf tags or labels to provide information to customers.


Shelf Displays

These displays are strategically designed to attract the attention of customers, showcase products effectively, and encourage purchasing.



Wobblers are attention-grabbing advertising tools commonly used in retail environments. They are usually attached to store shelves or display racks and feature a flexible, spring-like mechanism that allows the promotional element to wobble or move when touched or when there is air movement in the store.



The production process of magazines involves printing on large sheets of paper, which are then folded, trimmed, and bound. The printing technology used for magazines can vary, with some publications using high-quality color printing for vivid images and graphics.



A brochure is a type of promotional document that is typically folded into a compact and easy-to-handle format. 


Annual Reports

Annual reports are the printed documents that organisations produce on a yearly basis to provide information about their financial performance, activities, and achievements over the past fiscal year.



A catalog is a printed publication that contains a list or display of products or services offered by a company.



Lithemba provides comprehensive solutions beyond just printing on paper. 


Custom Boxes

Lithemba offers custom box services to meet the unique packaging needs of our clients. 



We offer personalised or custom-printed diaries as part of our services. These diaries can be customised to meet specific design and branding requirements.



Lithemba offers calendar printing services to businesses and individuals who want custom-designed calendars for promotional, marketing, or personal use.


Corporate Stationery

We offer a variety of corporate stationery services to help businesses maintain a consistent and professional brand image.



Lithemba designs and prints flyers, catering to the promotional and marketing needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals. 


Vinyl Decals

Vinyl decals are adhesive-backed graphics or designs that can be applied to surfaces such as windows, walls, vehicles, or other smooth surfaces.



Lithemba offers a a variety of sticker printing services, allowing individuals and businesses to create custom stickers for various purposes. 

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We offer high-quality, customised printing timeously in various sectors such as Education, Retail and Corporate. Lithemba Litho and Digital Printing strives to deliver affordable print solutions across Southern Africa.

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Binding, stitching and various finishings are all handled in-house, making Lithemba Print your one-stop printing partner.

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Lithemba Litho and Digital Printing offers all types of outdoor and fabric printing such as Screen, Digital, UV and Dye-Sublimation Printing. The choice of outdoor or fabric printing, depends on factors such as intended use, material, design complexity, and budget.

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