Large format posters
Large Format Posters
Vinyl - A1 / A2
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Litho posters special
Litho Posters
150GSM Full Colour Both Sides
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A5 Flyers
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A4 Flyers
128 GSM Gloss - Full Colour
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4 Pager
4 Pager
150GSM Full Colour Both Sides
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large format posters pvc
Large Format Posters
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large format posters pvc
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Inhouse Finishing at Lithemba

Finishing is crucial for enhancing the appearance, durability, and functionality of printed products. Various finishing techniques are employed to achieve specific effects and meet the desired final product specifications.

Custom Folding

This refers to the specialised or unique folding of printed materials to achieve a specific layout or presentation format beyond standard folding options. 

PUR Bind

PUR Binding is an extra strong and cost-effective way of binding using polyurethane reactive (PUR) adhesives. PUR Binding is suitable for heavier papers and high-use and long-life items.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitching is a binding method where folded sheets are gathered together, and staples are driven through the fold at the spine. This is a common and cost-effective binding method for booklets, magazines, and brochures with a relatively low page count.

Top Stitch

Top stitching involves placing a line of stitching along the top edge of the bound pages, usually near the spine or along the fold.

Side Stitch

Side stitching involves inserting wire stitches through the spine of the document, securing the pages together.

Wiro Bind

In wire binding, a metal wire, often in the form of a coil or double-loop wire, is threaded through holes along the edge of the stacked and punched pages. The wire is then closed or crimped to secure the pages together.

Spiral Bind

Spiral binding involves using a plastic or metal coil that is threaded through small holes along the edge of the document. TIt’s commonly used for notebooks, calendars, and other documents requiring a durable and flexible binding.

Wobbler Arms

Wobbler arms these are small signs attached to store shelves with a flexible arm that wobbles to attract attention.


This method is used for rimming calendars and posters with metal rims for enhanced versatility to prevent corners and edges from curling when hanging. 


Drilling refers to the process of creating holes in printed materials, typically for binding or insertion into binders.


Applying a thin layer of plastic film to the printed material for protection and durability.


Encapsulation involves covering a printed sheet with a clear plastic film on both sides. This process provides protection from moisture, dirt, and handling. It differs from lamination in that the plastic film is sealed around the edges, creating a waterproof barrier.

Custom UV Varnish

Custom UV varnish is a UV coating that is tailored to a specific design or application , providing both protection and a customised appearance.

Aqueous Varnish

Aqueous varnish is a water-based coating applied to printed materials for protection and enhancement. It provides a glossy or matte finish and is environmentally friendly.


Foil stamping involves applying a thin sheet of metallic or colored foil to a surface using heat and pressure. This creates a decorative and shiny effect, often used for embellishing logos, text, or other design elements.

Emboss / Deboss

Embossing involves creating a raised design on the surface of paper or cardstock, while debossing involves creating a depressed design.

Custom Store Packing

Lithemba offers custom store packaging, saving you the trouble.

Delivery & Courier

Lithemba can deliver your printing via our own transport or courier

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We offer high-quality, customised printing timeously in various sectors such as Education, Retail and Corporate. Lithemba Litho and Digital Printing strives to deliver affordable print solutions across Southern Africa.

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Binding, stitching and various finishings are all handled in-house, making Lithemba Print your one-stop printing partner.

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All Types of Outdoor and Fabric Printing

Lithemba Litho and Digital Printing offers all types of outdoor and fabric printing such as Screen, Digital, UV and Dye-Sublimation Printing. The choice of outdoor or fabric printing, depends on factors such as intended use, material, design complexity, and budget.

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